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This woofer is found in the MTM 4, and Super Spire Reference speakers and kits
16 ohm version of the first 4.5" speaker with patented XBL^2 motor technology.

Parameters are Fs: 65 Hz, Qms: 3.98, Qes: 0.77, Qts: 0.65, Vas: 5.8L, Sd: 57 cm^2, Xmax: 6mm one way, Re: 14.1 Ohms, Le: 0.65 mH, BL:5.7 N/A, Mms: 4.5 grams, SPL: 85.8 dB @ 1W, 1m.
This woofer is found in the MTM 7, and MT 27 speakers and kits
The SDX7 woofer is now available.  Designed as a replacement for the Extremis 6.8 in 3 way designs as well as being suitable for small sub duty, it has a carbon fibre cone and WR/FR matching copper phase plug.

Parameters: Fs 34Hz, Qms 2.2, Vas 23.77 litres, Xmax 11.1 mm, SD 127.5 sq cm, Qes .41, Re 6.4 ohms, Le .75 mH, Z 8 ohms, Pe 100 watts

This woofer is found in the Sub SD12 Kits and finished subwoofers
Are you ready for SubDuction

From the Latin - "to lead from below" - Get the bass right and you establish a firm foundation for the rest of your music and sound reproduction.  Introducing the SD12, the first sub woofer in the new CSS SubDuction series.
- fiberglass/nomex woven cone with NBR surround
- high power, low inductance design, 2 layer 3" copper voice coil and large aluminium shorting ring inside the magnet
- forged and machined T-yoke and top plate with larger radiused pole vent for low aerodynamic noise
- high excursion spider with integrated lead wire
- attractive cast aluminum basket design with cast aluminum trim ring
- long Xmax and a "bottomless" basket design

Parameters:Re: 3.6, Le:1.45, Fs: 23.3, Qms: 2.87, Qes: 0.447, Qts: 0.387, Vas: 83.3, Cms: 0.25, SD: 490, Xmax 19.5, Xmech: 32, BL: 14.6, Mms: 186.4, SPL: 85.6

This tweeter is found in the MTM 7 speaker and kit
Dual neodymium magnets
silk dome
no ferro fluid
heat sink
copper clad alu VC wire

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Occam Audio
Crossover Board, (color may vary)
These crossover boards were designed to make it nearly fool proof to assemble the Occam Audio crossovers correctly.   Since the crossover is the heart of the speaker, it is paramount that it is assembled correctly.
Wavecor 1.125" Tweeter Pictures 1-4
Wavecor TW030WA01