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International Orders


Due to the diverse nature of International shipping, w= e have chosen not to add calculated shipping to the Store checkout system for international orders.    The store checkout system will quote $0.00 for shipping internationally.   It will require payment for merchandise ordered, and will not ship merchandise until finalized shipping arrangements have been made.   All shipping charges for international orders will be quoted prior to shipping.    If the amount is not i= n line with what is expected, international customers are free to make their own shipping arrangements.    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and may choose not= to ship to certain countries we deem unsafe.   Any purchase made that is re= fused will be refunded.   We pr= actice ethical business practices, and do not accept payment for services or merchandise that is not rendered. &nb= sp; Once shipping is paid in full, the shipment will be released.    If no reasonable shipp= ing method is found the original merchandise purchase price will be refunded, a= nd the order will be cancelled.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.    This policy is not sub= ject to change, and will be enforced.


Thank you.

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